Cargo insurance is one of the types of property insurance, which aims to protect the property interests of cargo owners in the event of a loss caused by various types of incidents (insurance events) in the process of cargo transportation. In the Russian Federation, cargo insurance is one of the most stable areas of insurance, characterized by very weak volatility.

Incoterms and cargo insurance

In accordance with the International Rules "Incoterms — 2000", recommended by the International Chamber of Commerce, two important conditions of an export-import transaction are determined:

  • The moment of transition risk of loss or damage to the goods.
  • Distribution of costs between the seller and the buyer.

Obligations regarding the insurance of goods are contained only in the delivery of goods on the following conditions:

  • CIF (Cost, Insurance & Freight - cost, insurance and freight)
  • CIP (Cost, Insurance paid to ... - transportation and insurance paid to ...)

Master Cargo offers customers proffitable conditions of cargo insurance for the entire transportation time, no matter which type of transport used. Highly qualified specialists will analyze the individual characteristics of your freight and offer the most convenient combination of insurance protection options. You have the opportunity to make insuarence for a single shipment, or to sign a general cargo insurance contract for the whole year.

In order to get acquainted with the current rates for insurance, please contact us by phone on our website, or via feedback form. We will be happy to answer on all of your questions.