Trucking is one of the most popular ways of transporting goods, both domestically and abroad.

Practically any cargo can be transported using auto transport. An exception is the situation when the destination point of the goods is located on another continent and it is not possible to use the car due to its geographical locaition. Also, trucking lose their profitability when transporting over long distances. In these circumstances, it makes sense to choise on the railway or sea transport.

In all other cases, trucking has amazing advantages such as:

  • High mobility. Delivery of goods takes place directly to the customer's warehouse wihout stops a the airport, train station or port.
  • Efficiency. The possibility of immediate shipment of goods, without the need for their consolidation in intermediate warehouses.
  • Low cost. As a rule, prices for the delivery by auto transport one of the most budget.

Master Cargo provides a full range of trucking services connected with regional and international logistics. Highly qualified specialists of our organization will develop the optimal route for the goods based on the individual needs of the client.

Cooperating with Master Cargo, you transfer the business in the hands of professionals! Our employees will apply maximum experience in order to reduce the costs of your company and provide an opportunity to concentrate efforts on the main core activities.