Rail freight is one of the most popular ways of transportation in the Russian Federation. The reason for this are the difficult climatic conditions and large territory of the State.

The organization of rail freight is a complex process that includes many logistic aspects. Without knowledges and skills in this area, it is almost impossible to send goods by rail.

Here are the main advantages of rail transportation:

  • Transportation of goods is possible over long distances.
  • Low cost.
  • High load capacity wagons.
  • The accuracy of the schedule of railway lines.
  • Independence from weather conditions.
  • The possibility of delivery of groupage cargoes.

Master Cargo company offers all types of services connected to rail freight. Cooperating with our company, you will get quality and high level service of cargo delivery. First of all, we analyse individual needs of the customer: we work with special characteristics of the products, calculate the delivery time and at the same time trying to minimize customer costs.

In order to get acquainted with the conditions and tariffs for rail freight in the Russian Federation and the CIS, you can contact our office by phone or leave a request on the website using the feedback form. Our staff will respond to your request and provide a detailed consultation on all your questions. To entrust business to professionals - a solution with the future!