Spain is a state in southwestern Europe.

Spain is the fourth largest country in Europe, a permanent member of the European Union and NATO. This country occupies 80% of the Iberian Peninsula, as well as the Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands. Spain is among the top 20 countries in terms of economic development. Companies from USA, France, Germany, Great Britain and Switzerland hold strong positions in the economy. They own more than 50% of the enterprises of mechanical engineering and metallurgy.

Traditionally, the following types of goods are imported from Spain:

  • Equipment.
  • Construction, finishing materials and structures.
  • Cars and parts.
  • Electrical products.
  • Clothes and shoes.
  • Food.

Master Cargo provides a full range of international transport services. Delivery of goods from Spain is a priority of our activity. Highly qualified specialists will analyze the main features of the transported goods and the individual needs of each client. After that they will offer the best route for the delivery of goods from Spain at the most attractive prices.

We use an integrated approach and solve many business problems:

  • Find reliable suppliers.
  • Organization of transport logistics and payment process.
  • Customs clearance.
  • Responsible storage.
  • Insurance.
  • Certification.
  • Making export declarations.

By entrusting the delivery of goods from Spain to us, you are making yourself free from unpredictable situations that may arise during the transportation and customs clearance of your goods.

In order to get acquainted with the tariffs and conditions for our services, you can contact our staff by calling us on the website, or use the feedback form. We will be happy to answer you on any question.