Outer-source-using: the use of an external source and / or resource.
In other words: the organization refuses to perform non-key / critical functions or business processes and transfer them to a company - specialist in this area.

Outsourcing of foreign economic activity involves a complex of contractual relationships between companies. Usually, that means partial or complete transfer of business processes connected with foreign trade, warehousing and logistics activities to a third company.

Master Cargo has proven that this type of cooperation makes it possible to enter the international market without foreign department, costs on training specialists and experience in foreign economic activity.

Advantages of this type of business relationship:

  • The outsourcing company has an experienced staff.
  • Does not require a legal base.
  • By the time the goods are delivered to the customer, all certificates, licenses and permitions are available. Freight is free from payment of customs clearence.

Here there are several examples of services where outsourcing of foreign trade would be great solution:

  • Development of a business plan and analysis of the profitability of the project.
  • Search for suppliers / customers and market.
  • Certification and verification of foreign counterparties.
  • Determination of the right conditions for the transaction.
  • Creation of international contract and its approval.
  • Development of logistics schemes and routes.
  • Accounting FEA.
  • Interaction with the regulatory authorities of the Russian Federation, such as: FCS (Federal Customs Service), Rosselkhoznadzor (Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Surveillance), Currency control, Banks and so on.

Years of experience and organized teamwork help Master Cargo to provide the services at a high level. We are working while you have possibility to make efforts according your main activity. To transfer non-key business processes to the hands of professionals - a solution with the future!