Delivery of groupage cargo is the best option for transportation of small-sized cargo with minimal costs for transportation and customs clearance.

Master Cargo Company offers services for the delivery of groupage cargo weighing from a few kilograms to several tons.

Every year the service for delivery of groupage cargoes is becoming more and more popular on the market. A large number of companies use this service, monitoring the demand for imported goods and optimizing their inventory. Traditionally, shipping from China and Europe is most interesting for Russian entrepreneurs. Transportation of a small cargo as part of a container or car is a great way to save money on delivery, because you only need to pay for the actual space occupied in the car or container, and not the full cost of the loading unit. Thats why, delivery as part of a groupage cargo is one of the most profitable and fast options to receive cargo in the warehouse of the final recipient at the lowest tariffs.

Main activities of Master Cargo LLC:

  • Delivery of cargoes from China
  • Delivery of cargoes from Europe

You are not limited in the choice of the country, as we can deliver your cargo from anywhere in the world.

Highly professional employees of our company are always in touch, which allows us to control the delivery of goods, optimize the logistics of transportation in flexible way, carry out customs clearance, make decisions necessary for the timely receipt of goods at destination.

Cooperating with Master Cargo, you will get a number of advantages:

  • A wide range of warehouse services in Europe and Asia (packaging, labeling, photographing, weighing, consolidation and storage of your goods in warehouses)
  • Full cargo insurance for the entire transportation period.
  • Full legal support of the transaction.
  • Minimal tariffs for transportation and customs clearance of goods
  • Personal management